Crunchi Makeup Review

Happy Wednesday Friends! 

This is crazy! I am blogging 2x this week. I should've included this in my last post, but I decided to give Crunchi it's own blog.  For those of you who don't know what Crunchi is, its a new makeup line dedicated to giving you toxin-free makeup. 


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  1. Socially, environmentally, and health conscious. To seek knowledge, become empowered, and transform lifestyles.
  2. One who does not compromise health for beauty and who does not compromise beauty for health.
  3. To be smart. To be conscious. To be beautiful. - Taken from their site here - Crunchi

I tried Crunchi about two months ago and promised everyone a blog on it, to let them know what I thought about it! So here's my full review and pros and cons.  I will preface this by saying * I do not live a Holistic lifestyle and have never claimed too. I have a dear friend who sells these products and wanted to try them to see how they work. After doing the demo, I was impressed, and bought the products posted above, to see how I would like them after a month or two. Since I am in the beauty industry, I like my makeup SUPER heavy, so a lot of these products will work if you like conservative/natural look when it comes to makeup. Most importantly, If you are living that lifestyle everyday these products could definitely work for you.

Starting from Left-Right 

My Alibi Concealer -  Pros: Full/Medium Coverage, Lasts about 4 hours on me, and when covered with the translucent powder, stays on a little longer.   Cons: I am currently back to using my "Heavier Concealer"  -   I'd give this a 5/10 coverage

Flat Top Foundation Brush

I am still using this brush and love it! It's great for any and all of my foundations and I like the consistency when applying with it.  10/10 Coverage

Beautifully Flawless Foundation

I used the foundation in shade Light-02, it was still to dark for my face, and I tried to mess with it/shake it, to make it a little thicker, but unfortunately due to the medium coverage (even though it says full) I am not using it any longer. It is a great wear for me on days when I'm feeling more natural and a little darker from the sun.  So a great option for natural "not caked" looks. It smells great too! 6/10 coverage


Smart Primer

I used this for an entire month and love the smell, but for me, I'm back to using my old primer, I don't think it was covering or filling my pores enough with my old foundation, so I am currently using my previous thicker primer. Again, I think if you use the primer the way it's intended with their line, the makeup does stick to it a little better. (Just not enough coverage for me) - Its all preference. Ha! 5/10 Thickness

Finishing Power

I love this finishing powder and I'm still using it on a daily basis! Its great for setting everything in and not to heavy... (haha finally something that doesn't need to be to heavy for me) For finished powders, I really like a light and airy feel since I wear everything else so heavy. 10/10 

My conclusion, I am about as picky with my full coverage makeup as I am with what I eat. (Zach hates how picky I am when we go to dinner) not even in a healthy way, I just have so many dislikes and likes when it comes to food, haha or even makeup for that matter. Does that mean  my opinion is always correct? No, but it means that it's just my opinion.  I have several friends who love the way Crunchi makes their skin feel, the smell, and also the coverage. They also live a holistic lifestyle, and I unfortunately do not. (I love all the bad toxin things for my hair and skin) I probably always will and that's just me. It may change when I have little ones of my own to consider, but for now I will stick to the toxins. (Feel free to judge) 

Thanks for reading and if you want to check out what Crunchi is all about for yourselves

-check out my distributor Living Toxin Free Beautifully with Heather  She gives great and useful tips for everyday toxin free things! 

Xoxo, Caralee 

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June Favorite Products

Its been awhile guysssss. I am definitely slacking with blogging lately, but when I have the time I love sharing my favorite photos and current obsessions! I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off, not going to lie. Between managing a bridal beauty business, working full time, trying to spend quality time with my husband and family, its been a a very busy summer so far. Don't get me wrong, I love every minute of it, but that's where I've been, so here I am now. HA! So here we go --with my current favorite products!  If you have any questions feel free to ask away, I'll try to cover all of it to the best of my ability. 

First picture (pink) starting from Left to Right 

1. AG Hair Sea Spray

This is the best summer spray- it smells delicious and I put it in my dry-precurled hair and shake my head all around getting the perfect beachy waves! What's not to love about that?

2. Love Amika Un-Done Texture Spray 

Again, with the smells, I should just call this blog the smell good product blog, because if the product doesn't smell good, I probably won't use it. (I'm one of those) haha Buttttt it smells so good, I know I talk about it all of the time on my Instagram and use it in all of my tutorials. Its a gritty feel, but not heavy. I use it to get max volume and to give my hair some life. Its amazing! 

3. The Balm Cosmetics Primer

I use this primer everyday after I moisturize and before I apply my foundation. I really like it, it seems to make my pores less noticible and my skin feels really smooth after I apply it. I will note, if I don't use my setting spray I do notice that my makeup wears off-regardless but I always think primer helps with my pores not getting clogged. (The struggle bus is REAL, with clogged pores) lol

4. Sexy Hair Rose Elixir

I just recently purchased this since I am a huge fan of anything and everything Lalas Updos does and promotes. For those of you who aren't familiar with her, shes basically one of the best Instagram and Real life hair educator. She creates beautiful styles unlike any other! So I got this after she promoted it on her page and I am so glad I did! Again, I know, with the smells!! But it SMELLS SO GOOD! It acts as a light oil, so really great for using on curls to maintain shine and create a flawless look. So think (spray oil) you don't want to use a lot, a little will go along way! Another reason I love it! 

5. Second Picture - Lipsense

I'm sure by now if you're reading this you probably already know about Lipsense. It's basically taken over my Facebook feed, and at first I was skeptical.... until I saw all of my friends showing off their new long lasting colors. So I have purchased a few from different girls, Angela and Kylie (spreading some local love). The colors I have currently is Blue-Red (cool toned) Lexy Bear-y (cool toned) First Love (cool toned) a Glossy Gloss and a Matte Gloss. I am officially addicted. I have chosen not to sell them but I will always promote them, because if you know me, you know I would never buy 5 different things with a line like that unless they worked. I use the cool toned colors, since I look better in those tones, but they also have warmer tones too! The packaging could be better and I think they only last 4-6 hours on me without re-applying but I know people who can wear them all day without any coming off.... Keep in mind, I think I apply them wrong, haha I need a youtube lesson.  So I'd give them a 8 out of 10 --Anyway --- There's the scoop on everything I'm loving right now! Hope this helps! :) 

Paige + Dakota 4.16.17

I have been waiting anxiously to share Paige and Dakotas wedding pictures! They have such a unique and beautiful style. 

While doing Paige's trial run we realized we went to CTC together at the same time, but her Junior year and my Senior year! I knew we'd be a great fit for each other, and after she explained her bohemian style for her outdoor wedding, I could not wait!  

Every.  single.  detail. WAS PERFECT! 

Oh, my gosh take a look at the guys suites! Seriously perfect, great job Dakota! Ha!

I received the pictures today and have to blog about it, obviously, every picture is magazine worthy. Check out all of the gorgeousness below. 

Thank you Paige, for having Sweetly Pinned Hair and Makeup be apart of your special day. Wishing you both all of the best! 

Venue: Cedar Springs Pavilion 

Photographer: Zac Fisher Photo

Hair Only - Sweetly Pinned HMUA

Makeup - Holly Sucher 

Florist: Sherwood Florist

Kaelyn Lilac Shoot

We had the pleasure of working with Jenny Haas Photography and Evergreen Flower Co. on a styled shoot recently. 

Kaelyn is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I felt honored to be apart of such an awesome collaboration.  The pictures are to die for, so I'm really excited to share. (Insert happy dance here) 

We are now booking for 2018 Wedding and Event Hair and Makeup. 

Local Vendor Love

Photography and Design by Jenny Haas Photography

Florist and Designer Evergreen Flower Co.

Hair and Makeup by Sweetly Pinned Hair and Makeup 

Makeup:  Emily Brun 

Hairstylist: Caralee Pridemore 

Model: Kaelyn Sanders 

Dress: BHLDN


Jenny Haas Photography 

Jenny Haas Photography
Jenny Haas Photograhy 

Jenny Haas Photograhy

Emilee and Wes 4.8.17

Emilee and Wes had such a beautiful day for their wedding. The weather was perfect, the bridesmaids were fun and energetic. It was the perfect combination of everything! We showed up bright and early ready to go. Emilee was SO laid back and enjoyed every moment. I love how close her and her bridesmaids were. You could tell it was going to be an awesome day from the moment we walked in. 

The main area where we set up, was a bit dark, so the pictures I took on my little ole I phone didn't do the hair justice. BUT--- I received the professional pictures the other day and it was worth the wait! OH. MMMM. GEEEE.... You guys, I am in love. Her hair, the dress, their love! They are so adorable. Check out the pictures below and see why I am so excited to share. 

Thank you and Congrats again Emilee and Wes for having Sweetly Pinned Hair be apart of your BEST DAY EVER!

All photography was done by Maxim Photo Studio located in Cincinnati,OH 

Abby and Matt 1st Anniversary

Abby got married last year and wanted to do something super special for her and Matts 1st Anniversary. I was so happy when she reached out to see if I was available for their 1 year wedding pictures. 

Their wedding day last April had SNOW on the ground, thankfully this time it was a warm and beautiful spring day! Ohio weather can be annoying to say the least, but I'm so happy they will now have new special pictures to remember not one but two big life events! Here's some of the pictures of their gorgeous 1 year Anniversary.  The style she chose was similar to the one she chose on the wedding day but we wanted to stick with a more boho elegant look this time around. I ADORE how it turned out. Congrats again Abby and Matt. 


Chelsea Hall Photography

Something Old Dayton

Sherwood Florist

Makeup - ULTA 

Hair by Sweetly Pinned Hair 

Something Old Dayton 

Something Old Dayton 

March 2017 Product Reviews

Okay ya'll I have been trying out some new products and wanted to share my everyday favorite products. 

I have a TON of products so i'll do a monthly blog going over monthly faves. I would love to know if you purchase any of the items I list and if you like them or dislike them. Every hair type is different and I have several scalp issues so I have to be careful with what I'm using. Some of my favorite products do contain alcohol in them and it can really irritate my scalp so I have to be careful. I'm thinking my scalp starting have issues after I bleached the crap out of it a few years back. I'm sure I severely burnt it. HA, but if you know me, that didn't stop me from doing it. SO here's my list. 

Starting from Left to Right 

No 1. Seya Beauty Makeup Case (Using for hair) - If you are an onsite hairstylists or makeup artists I have nothing but great things to say so far about my new case. Now, this could change, if I continue using it and don't like it, I'll let you all know. Believe me. HA! So far its very professional, sturdy, and has a TON of space! Love it! 

No. 2. Paul Mitchell Worked Up - I am a Kenra girl usually.... if you open my case it usually contains 90% Kenra products but..... This working spray is AMAZING!!! If you want a great light weight spray for curling THIS IS IT! I would shout it from the roof tops. It keeps the hair manageable while protecting it and leaves your curls in place. 

No. 3 Olivia Garden DV-2 Brush - I just received this brush from giveaway contest with Modern Salon (EEEEEK!) I was super excited when I received the package, and boy, they didn't disappoint. I probably wouldn't have ever picked this brush up, but now that I've used it, I will be buying more in the future.  I use my Wet brush when my hairs wet, but this brush is great for styling. I.e. Curl my hair and brush out, this brush maintains the style while softening up the look and the best part ITS ANTI-STATIC!!!! WOOOHOO. Can, I get an amen! 

No. 4 and No. 5 Puff Me and Powder Dry Me

So No. 4 Puff Me - This is a spray powder, it comes out in a mist, super lightweight, giving hair the texture and volume every girl craves. I use this for all styles to give the hair more volume. Its comparable to Big Sexy Hair Powder Clay but I love that it sprays out. 

No. 5 Powder Dry Me - This is by the same company Design Me Hair and I just used it for the first time today, but It definitely sped up the blow drying experience. With bleaching my hair, its been a tad bit dry, so it takes longer to blow dry. The smell was really great and you use it on towel dried hair. I wouldn't say it speeds it up a ton, but it was a little faster. 

No. 6 Fanola No Yellow Shampoo - LAST but not LEAST - FAVORITE no yellow shampoo, I've tried thus far. Fanola, had sent me this shampoo to test out and I had no clue how expensive it was, but I am in LOVE!!!!!! I use this once a week for about 1-2 minutes on wet hair. It clears up so much brass and makes it look more ashy. I love more ash and less brass so its perfect for me. I would highly suggest this product to anyone trying to get rid of brass. You can find a tutorial on my instagram account @Sweetlypinnedhair 



Industrial Spring Inspired Shoot

Emily and I had the opportunity to be apart of a -- Industrial Spring Inspired Shoot. We always have fun collaborating with our "Frendors" (local vendors) and are so excited for this shoot to be featured on the Ruffle Blog. 

Kelsie and Monica's visions was colorful and fun. I loved how they asked for a simple loose bun with bright flowers. I am mean who doesn't love pops of color? The flowers, couple, cake, location, and look was seriously some MAJOR Wedding Goals! 

Everyone worked so hard to achieve their vision and their hard work paid off. Check out this stunning styled shoot below. 

Industrial Spring Styled Shoot-Kelsie s Favorites-0055.jpg


Kelsie Lynn Photography
Instagram: @kelsielynn_photography

Monica Brown Photography
Instagram: @monicabrownphotography

Something Old Dayton
Instagram: @somethingolddayton

Sweetly Pinned Hair
Instagram: @sweetlypinnedhair

Emily Brun Makeup Artist
No website
Instagram: @EmilyBrunMakeupArtist

Maddie Griffith (bride model)
Instagram: @maddie_grif

Joel Griffith (groom model)
Instagram: @joelmgrif

Rachel Bakes
No website or Instagram

Inkwell & Co.
Instagram: @inkwellandco

Ever Laser
Instagram: @everlaser

Sherwood Florist
Instagram: @sherwoodflorist

Louise Christine Bridal Boutique
Instagram: @louisechristinebridalboutique

Michelle’s Macarons
Instagram: @michellesmacarons

Rachel Keppeler Designs
Instagram: @rachelkeppelerdesigns

Daisy (dog model) 

Robert Bullock Bride
Instagram: @robertbullockbride

Jimmy Choo
Instagram: @jimmychoo

Chanel Fragrance and Perfume
Instagram: @chanelofficial

Palette of Threads Boutique Shoot

A few weeks ago I was asked to be apart of the new Spring look book for Palette of Threads Boutique located in Englewood, OH. Obviously I was excited since, I myself, am addicted to shopping and love local boutiques. 

I was so pumped to work along with other local girl bosses and received the images today. Not only is Palette of Threads affordable, super cute, and modest clothing, the owner Jessica is major girl boss #goals. We kept the looks boho and loose, which I obviously LOVED. I highly recommend stopping by there if you are looking for a new outfit or follow along with new their daily styles on Instagram @Paletteofthreads. 

Thanks for having Sweetly Pinned Hair be apart of this Spring look book, I had a blast. If you need me, you can find me buying all of their new clothes. 

Hair by Sweetly Pinned Hair

Place: Lost and Found Photo Studio

Photography: Morgan Anderson

Makeup by Shaterra MUA

Clothing by Palette of Threads Boutique

Morgan Anderson Co.

Morgan Anderson Co.

Morgan Anderson Co

Morgan Anderson Co

Isn't this dress adorbs!!!!?? Shop here.

Favorite Styling Products

I get asked frequently about what I products I love, what products smell great, and are they worth the money. Because, lets be real, beauty products are EXPENSIVE. I want to help guide you, with some of the best products and give you tips and tricks for using them. 

Left to Right

1. Kenra 25 Finishing Spray

Super Strong Volume Spray Hairspray - This is my go-to for on-location or daily styling. I LOVE the smell, its a super strong hold, leaving the style intact all day long. Every bridesmaid/bride always says "Wow, that smells so good".   (Tips and Tricks) after achieving the desired hairstyle, use Kenra 25 Finishing Spray all over it about 6-8" away from the hair. 

2. AG Hair Care

OMG(OSH) I have recently discovered this amazing keratin filled serum and its the best thing since sliced bread. I am seriously in love. not only does it make my hair feel amazing and soft. Its repairing my hair and reduces breakage! PRAISE THE LORD! If you are struggling with breakage or damaged hair, try this serum, its definitely a game changer.  (Use on clean damp hair, spread on the ends or where any damage is occurring, then proceed to style)

3. Kenra Oil Absorbing Dry Shampoo

Okay you guys...... Know how some dry shampoos build up on your hair and some leave it feeling gross/filled with powder or perhaps more greasy? I have tried what feels like a hundred dry shampoos and I want something that leaves my hair feeling oil free and smells great. Drum roll please. THIS IS IT! I Love this dry shampoo and it removes all of the oil! WOO HOO! No more washing my hair everyday. (My hair gets super oily) so this is a must have if you have similar issues. (Use on dirty hair preferably once or twice a day and continue for however long you want). I can go up to 3 days without washing my hair.

Anyway, let me know if this information was useful, I love helping people out. There is so many products out there, and no one has time for testing all of them. I find the best and most talked about products and try them, so you don't have to. 

Also FYI, I was not given nor paid for to use these products. I bought them with my hard earned, independent, bo$$ babe, monies. ;)

Abigail + Danny

Abigail and I met a few years ago through a mutual friend. So obviously I was super excited when she asked me to do her wedding hair. She is kind and SO Beautiful. I was so excited when I received her images. We did two looks for her wedding hair, as Ohio weather can be some-what unpredictable (giggle) because you never know if its going to be snowing or a warm spring day. Even in the middle of February (ha) So it did end up being quit warm for her wedding with a slight chance of rain. 

With all of that in consideration we did her first style down with voluminous curls and the second style up, so she could shake her little tail feather all night long. (Because isn't that what the reception is about, after all)?  Her bridesmaids were cheering her on all day long, and SO sweet! Abigail's dress was a show stopper for sure. I was drooling over it, one of my faves to date.  The details were phenomenal and their robes were adorable. Basically I loved everything about this wedding and I am just now getting around to blogging it.  Take a look for yourselves, you won't be sorry. 


Molly Dues Photography

Molly Dues Photography

Congratulations again Abigail and Danny - Thank you for having Sweetly Pinned Hair be apart of your special day. XOXO

Caitlin + Adam

Caitlin and I met a month prior to her December wedding and tried out a few different hairstyles to compliment her dress along with giving her the desired volume she craved. We didn't actually do the style at the trial run that she ended up wearing the day of.  She knew what she wanted and was absolutely right! She chose to wear a simple yet gorgeous high bun. It was the perfect style for her big day, and boy, did she rock it! Is there anything better than a high textured bun? I think not. Ha!

Caitlin and her bridal party welcomed me as soon as I walked in, and let me use my creative freedom for their styles. One of the bridesmaids asked me for a "modern beehive" I was in heaven. I love when brides let their bridal party pick individual styles they want to wear, after all they do have to wear it all day! Either way its always fun getting to know a new group and form a bond. I am so grateful the Brauns recommended Caitlin to me. I felt like we were a perfect fit and I am so excited Caitlin and Adams new journey together.  

Check out her gorgeous day below: 


The Brauns Photography

The Brauns Photography

The Brauns Photography

The Brauns Photography

Congrats to Caitlin and Adam, Thank you for having Sweetly Pinned Hair be a part of your Big day! 

Jenny + Mike

Oh, my gosh! Where do I even begin. I met Jenny three weeks before her July wedding. I was so happy when we finally got to meet and to go over the hairstyles she was looking for. Jenny had a lot of hair but it was also super fine. To create a softer look, we did a few different styles to meet what she was looking for. I always tell my brides, a trial run is the best way for me to get to know your hair and to get a feel for the texture of it. I am seriously so glad I met Jenny, She is SUPER sweet, (like called me 3 days before my own wedding to tell me, Thank you and Congrats and words of encouragement) I mean could she be any-more adorable?  I love knowing that while this is not only a job, its also creating lasting relationships with my brides.(warning this will be repetitive in my Blogs, because its true).  I was over the moon, when I got Jenny's pictures back and saw how gorgeous she looked (not hard to do when you're already drop dead gorgeous) but to see how the entire day transpired and all of the happiness. My Favorite Part of The Day -- Mike sent Jenny and her Bridesmaids Starbucks, while they were getting ready and it was the Sweetest.

I'll just leave the pictures below and let you decide for yourselves, but all I can say is WOW!

Congrats again to Jenny and Mike, thank you for letting Sweetly Pinned Hair, be apart of your special day!

Janne Photography

Janne Photography

Janne Photography

Janne Photography

Janne Photography

Janne Photography

Janne Photography

Janne Photography