Wedding hairstyles for long hair: how to style long hair for weddings

A top searched wedding hair topic on Google is ‘wedding hairstyles for long hair.” If you have long tresses, you’re in luck, because you’ll find you have the most options for styling. If you’re searching for long hair #inspo for your trial, or are still searching for ideas, we have plenty of knowledge to share.

If you’re a bride with long hair, these are some of the best wedding hairstyles to try:

First, you need to decide: Up or down? With all of the inspiration out there, it’s best to be realistic. Do you have details on your dress you want to show? If you always wear your hair down, and aren’t crazy about wearing it up, I always advise to stay with what you normally do - but glam it up a bit. If you normally wear it down and curled, maybe consider wearing it half up half down.

1. Hair style option 1: Half Up Half Down - Okay, I know this sounds obvious, but seriously, if you want to do something a little fancier than all down and curled, this is a great option. It’s limitless too! You can add braids and twists, hair extensions for fullness, and add any accessory to make it extra special.

Mike and Jamie Photography

Mike and Jamie Photography

2. Hair style option 2: Side Braid - With this option, you can still feel like your hair is down (if you are used to wearing it down) plus you can accent the style with either braids or twists. This gives you additional volume to play with as well, and looks awesome in wedding pictures when your giving your beloved a kiss. When styling, we always take the side style to the side you part your hair. This keeps everything balanced, and nothing looks “off.”

Film-May-14-2016-111 - Copy.jpg

3. Hair style option 3: Braided Low Bun - We get TONS of requests for braids. You can do a fishtail, dutch braid, french braid, or even do two side by side into a low, full-centered bun.


4. Hair style option 4: Low Full Bun - Who doesn’t love a low full bun with romantic wispies in the front? It’s soft and elegant, and even if it falls a little loose throughout the night, (from hitting the dance floor) it always falls perfectly, creating even more softness and romantic allure.


5. Hair style option 5: High Voluminous Bun - Recently, we’ve gotten a lot of requests for higher buns. We are thinking this will be an even bigger bridal hair trend in 2019! We love this style, but keep in mind, there are additional costs to create this style: more time, more product, extensions and a hair donut. But have no fear - we can make your hair dreams come true.

Cory and Jackie Photography

Cory and Jackie Photography

6. Hair style option 6: Glam/Retro Waves - For something a little more simple but very timeless, a glam/retro style is a great option. This look is very elegant and looks great with a tighter fitted dress (on-trend for 2019!) We suggest getting a hair comb and taking one side back using the hair piece. This style also takes more time, and extensions are recommended if you have long fine hair, and curls will need to “set” prior to styling. Tip: our guide to prepping your hair for your wedding day well help achieve this look!

A few things to consider when choosing your bridal hair style for long hair:

1. The time it takes to prep, style and finish requires a dedicated timeline. Even a 15 minute delay can throw everything off. We don’t want you to stress the day of your wedding - so be sure to confirm in advance who is getting what and when. Pro-tip: having your bridesmaids prepared with a photo of their desired style will help jump start the process - we know exactly how to tackle working on their hair to create the look they want.

2. Accessories can be a great way to dress up your long hair style and break up some of the length and texture. If you’re not sure where to start looking, check out our guide to choosing accessories for your wedding hair style. Don’t forget you can also use code CARALEE on to take 10% off your online order.

Not sure what hairstyle is right for your big day? Let’s schedule a trial run to nail down your perfect look - contact us here.